Always Under Construction... Check Periodically.

See and Make: Crafts, Miniatures, Room Boxes, Dolls, Dollhouses, Holiday and Special Decorations, Cakes, Costumes, Dresses.

Working With: Oil, Pencil, Ink, Watercolor, Chalk, Cake Frosting 

Living With and Raising: Dogs, Horses, Birds, Fish, Children, and Mother.


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Room Boxes and Miniatures:

My Grandaughter Marie's Room Box - 03/08/2007 (Updated: 01/27/2011)

My Grandson Ryan's Room Box - 03/01/2007

My Parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Room Box (Updated: 01/24/2011)

My Niece Melanie's Wedding Day Room Box (Added: 01/24/2011)

Doll House -  Status as of 11/02/05 ....   (Ongoing Since 1984 - My Masterpiece)

Doll House - Christmas 2010 (On Display in Eden Town Library)

Hamburg Sun News Article - 06/02/2005


Violet's Page (My Other Babies)





Charlie and Stephanie's Wedding Cake, Cake Top, Wishing Well:   (Added: 01/27/2011)


A Diaper Cake for Niece Gina's 1st Baby Shower.  (Added: 01/27/2011)





Miniatures ? (or Sculptures ?)  of Dalton Ghetti - 09/08/2011


Erik Johansson's Fantastic Photography - 04/27/2011


A Zany Collection of Terry Border's Imagery - 04/20/2011


A Dragon Creation by a local Eden Artist.

Fantastic Shockwave Animation.

My Uncle Ed Zubler and the Halogen Lamp

Clean Your Computer Screen Here:


Assorted Things:


My Daughter Cailee's - Japanese Experience  - 03/29/2011

For My Dad...(November 15, 2010)

My Best Bud.

The Boys (Skippy & Justin - 09/15/10)

My Daughter Cailee's 2010 Christmas Greeting from Yakota Air Force Base In Japan.

                       (Her husband Chad is stationed there.)




Gratuitous Plug: ...(of Course)

The Hubster....

A woman needs two animals:
The horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it.

      Still Around





Shawn Phillips Moonshine

Shawn Phillips Burning Fingers

Traffic - John BarleyCorn  (w/Chords)


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